Call for chair, co-chair and members of task forces

June 28, 2023

The SET-Plan Implementation working group on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (IWG5) and the IWG5-CSA project are looking for:

  • Co-chair(s) for the task force on “Clean heating & cooling technologies and thermal storage for buildings”, that includes the topics of heat pumps and district heating. This task force will start in September/October 2023. (Task force 3) > The call is closed.
  • Task force members for the task force onDigital planning and operational optimization”. This task force will start at the end of October/beginning of November 2023. (Task force 4)

The two task forces will be formed in Autumn 2023 to update IWG 5’s Implementation Plan, by way of a white paper of up to 10 pages each. The IWG5 is one of the 14 thematic working groups of the SET-Plan which has been developed as a European Union initiative being a strategy for the transition to a climate-neutral energy system at European level. The task force leaders are responsible for drafting the white paper and are entitled to receive a financial contribution, for the chair this is about 2160 €* for and for the vice-chair 1440 €**. 

The white paper should be finalized at the end of March 2024 (Task force 3)/ End of April (Task force 4). 

The topics of the task forces are:

  • Clean heating & cooling technologies and thermal storage for buildings (Task force 3):  For the energy efficiency of buildings and systems, heating and energy storage are key elements. The white paper shall detail the latest advances in technologies and techniques for heat pumps, solar thermal collectors and other renewable technologies, as well as advances in thermal storage and district heating. The taskforce will be composed of energy efficiency experts from across Europe coming from energy and research ministries, relevant energy saving agencies, academia and from industry.
  • Digital planning and operational optimisation (Task force 4): Digital planning and operational optimisation of buildings are set to improve energy efficiency, to reduce carbon emissions and to drive down costs. This is going hand in hand with the twin transition- “the green and digital transition” of the Built Environment. The white paper shall in particular display the latest technological findings (e.g. methodologies, platforms and tools) in the field of Energy Performance Assessment of buildings, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Asset Lifecycle Information Modelling (ALIM). The taskforce will be composed of experts from the field of digital planning and operational optimisation across Europe coming from ministries, relevant agencies, academia and industry.

Both task forces should also consider non-technological issues, such as user acceptance and education and training as they are equally important as technological issues. The current Implementation Plan of IWG5 that the task forces will have to update can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in chairing or joining a task force please register here before 01/09/2023.
If you have further questions on the task forces, please contact:
Cornelia Partsch:  and Nicolas de la Vega: 

*Task Force LEADER: Honororia 450 € per day. 1.6 days prep for 0.8 day meeting (= 2.4 days); 2 meetings per Task Force (=2.4 days x 2 in total)

**Task Force CO-LEADER: Honororia 450 € per day. 0.8 days prep for 0.8 day meeting (=1.6 days); 2 meetings per Task Force (=1.6 days x 2 in total)

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