Exemplary Projects

RenoZEB – Renovation for zero energy Vöru-Estonia

RenoZEB was created with the aim of opening up the renovation market for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). The focus is on the development of economical “plug-and-play” solutions, which increase the property value in a comprehensive nZEB renovation market and support all project participants through the renovation measures with further training and networking opportunities.

The project introduces the advantages of the refurbishment of existing buildings in a minimally invasive system. This procedure results in a significant reduction in the total cost of installation and construction time, as well as upgrading the property in line with energy efficiency standards.

Furthermore, the developed collaboration platform based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) supports the entire life cycle of the building renovation process. The platform functions as a central database in which the project participants can get information and network. Free technical training, workshops and web meetings will help participants discover best practices and workflows and achieve the best results for their renovation projects.

Demonstration Cases

The RenoZEB approach is tested on three real residential buildings in two different climate zones (Spain and Estonia) and three virtual buildings (Bulgaria, Italy and Greece). During the test phase the focus is on the following aspects:

  • Monitoring throughout the refurbishment process
  • Evaluation of the Buildings in terms of energy efficiency, health and comfort conditions, cost and value including asset appreciation and
  • Development of an evaluation framework in the process

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