IWG5 cooperates with Built4People partnership

The Built4People (B4P) partnership intends to establish cooperation with the Member States through an already existing link with the SET-Plan Implementation Working Group on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (IWG5).

B4P is coordinated by the Directorate-General Energy of the European Commission (DG ENER), the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) and the European Regional Network of the World Green Building Council (WGBC). It is a policy cross-cutting initiative, addressing the climate-neutrality of buildings. Further goals are sustainability, reducing resource intensity and increasing recyclability, taking into consideration other policies relevant to buildings, including the need to preserve our European Cultural Heritage. As such, the partnership supports the ambition and objectives of the European Green Deal, the Renovation Wave Strategy and the new European Bauhaus, which all aim at “greening” the European built environment without compromising on aesthetics.

B4P provides a cross-cluster structure bringing together public and private sectors to nurture Research and Innovation pathways, based on a holistic view of the design, creation, operation, renovation and recycling phases of the built environment. It offers a comprehensive framework and objectives to shape a fully sustainable and high-quality living and working environment, and infrastructures for an efficient mobility and clean energy solutions for the future. It shall as well enable to mitigate climate change and adapt to it through increased resilience for the benefit of all end-users.