Energy Efficiency in Buildings is an important and broad topic. This is also evident from the fact that there are many overlapping topics with other SET Plan IWGs as well as with other European and international initiatives.

So far, there has been concrete cooperation with the EU partnerships:

Clean Energy Transition (CET), especially "Transition Initiative 7 - Integration in the built environment”

The European Partnership for Clean Energy Transition is a transformative R&I program across Europe. This enables joint R&I programs at regional, national and global levels, which are jointly supported by industry, public organisations, research and civil organisations.

Drivin Urban Transition (DUT)

The aim of Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) is to strengthen collective efforts towards sustainable urban development and to put knowledge and insights into action.

Built4People (B4P)

The Built4People (B4P) partnership seeks to accelerate human-centric innovation in the built environment that drives the transition to a sustainable society and economy. It relies on the commitment of its partners and a European network of innovation clusters.

Exemplary Projects

RenoZEB – Renovation for zero energy Vöru-Estonia

RenoZEB – Renovation for zero energy Vöru-Estonia

RenoZEB was created with the aim of opening up the renovation market for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). The focus is on the development of economical “plug-and-play” solutions, which increase the property value in a comprehensive nZEB renovation market and...

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