Projects across Europe

IWG5 members have launched and implemented hundreds of regional, national and EU-wide projects in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. To find out more about the realization, take a look at five  Exemplary Projects.


Cooperations for creating a sustainable future

Members of IWG5 are involved in the creation of various  EU partnerships: Clean Energy Transition (CET), Driving Urban Transition (DUT) and Built4People (B4P)

Status Quo: Living Labs Europe Competition

The Living Labs Europe Competition LLEC is a concept for an EU-wide energy competition at neighborhood level, which is launched by Project Managemend Juelich Germany on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, together with its partners of the Driving Urban Transition Partnership and the SET-Plan IWG-5. It represents an innovative funding instrument that encourages cities, municipalities and people in Europe who want to transform their districts in a sustainable way.

In the context of Horizon Europe, the DUT Partnership called for action to speed up urban transitions, make available relevant research findings and support the development of capacities at all levels. The focus of the DUT Partnership is on providing evidence and best practices, promoting cooperation between research institutions and government, and initiating local experiments. However, greater efforts and additional instruments are needed to transform these results and experiences into practice. This is where, the LLEC, which serves as an instrument for the implementation of the DUT Partnership, comes into play. To this end, the LLEC is to be developed and implemented as part of the work package "Task 7.2 Valorisation Strategy" of DUT.

Member State Representatives currently have the opportunity to get to know the LLEC at a multi-day workshop at the Solar Decathlon in Wuppertal. The workshop brings together the DUT Partnership, involved Member States and the European Commission, to discuss the status of the creation of a new Europe-wide neighborhood competition.