Exemplary Projects

ENVISION – Energy Harvesting by Invisible Solar Integration in Building Skins

For the first time, thermal and electrical energy can be obtained from ALL building surfaces, transparent and non-transparent. That is what ENVISION makes possible, with the developed full envelope concept that aims to exploit the potential of generating solar energy from building surfaces.

The Project presents various innovations. PV solutions are for the installation on the roof, aesthetically pleasing solutions can generate energy from the façade and see-through solutions are constructed for windows. During the development, the aspects of simple installation and maintenance as well as cost efficiency are taken into account.

Demonstration Cases

ENVISION tests the innovations in the Northern and Southern Europe, what implicates under different climate conditions. This are the examined matters:

  • Possibilities of solar power generation from building surfaces and use of electricity to operate heat pumps
  • Testing power-generating see-through solutions and the ENVISION Ventilated Window
  • Performance and control of ENVISION harvesting solutions in combination with other solutions

The energy efficiency of the individual buildings is monitored and compared with previous data of the buildings.

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