Exemplary Projects

GEOFIT – Deployment of novel GEOthermal systems, technologies and tools for energy efficient building retroFITting

The aim of GEOFIT is to make the use of efficient geothermal systems for heating and cooling practicable and cost-effective by introducing a new concept for building renovation. The concept is based on geo-thermal energy and small to medium-sized heat pumps. This includes several innovations such as novel hybrid heat pumps, improved low-invasive vertical drilling, advanced cloud-based and deployable control systems, and novel BIM-enabled tools.

Ultimately, the concept lowers the operating, acquisition, energy, and installation costs of geothermal systems and ensures an easy installation. GEOFIT offers many significant benefits that take geothermal systems to the next level, such as large energy savings, integration into a single system for cooling and heating, free environmental energy, high energy efficiency, long-life system and very low maintenance.

Demonstration Cases

GEOFIT demonstrates the technologies in five pilot projects in different EU-climate zones. The tests are carried out on very different building types, such as a historic building or a university campus.

The investigations are focused on this aspects:

  • Evaluation of the LTH system using several connection scenarios with heat pumps
  • Function of Shallow earth energy bakest and a hybrid heat pump
  • Installation of hybrid heat pump and non-standard GHEX
  • Retrofitting and implementation of a geothermal system using IDDS methodology
  • Use of a geo-BIM based management

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