Exemplary Projects

REWARDHeat – Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery for Competitive District Heating and Cooling Networks

REWARDHeat demonstrates the functionality of low-temperature district heating and cooling networks able to recover renewable and waste heat, from multiple sources diffused within the urban context. These networks will be able to increase production and distribution efficiency by recovering, renewable and waste heat available at low temperature. For this purpose, a new prefabricated district heating substation including heat pump, storage, actuators, and control platform allowing bidirectional exchange of heat with low- and neutral-temperature DH networks is being developed. The designs also reduce manufacturing and capital costs.

To achieve the main goal, REWARDHeat has several sub-goals. This includes the effective integration of renewable energy sources and waste energy sources. Furthermore, the development of innovative technologies enables flexible use of heat in DHC networks. Aspects of digitization and the profitability of innovations are also taken into account.

Demonstration Cases

The technology is being tested at 8 pilot sites. The following aspects are examined:

  • Demonstration of moving from a high temperature DH network supply to a low-temperature DH network supply
  • Exploitation of local waste heat potential from industry
  • Implementation of hardware/software for smart monitoring and control
  • Developing business models adapted to the local context
  • Retrofit of an existing District Heat Networks
  • Utilisation of decentralized PV panels combined with multiple storage solutions
  • Creation of an island solution independent of existing DH network
  • Establishment of a space targeting the general public, equipped with media installations, which illustrate the real-life applications of REWARDHeat solutions on guided tours
  • Testing new storage and energy management strategies

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